IR&TM Group


  • Chengzhi Zhang, leader of IR&TM Group@NJUST and professor at ischool of NJUST and his esearch interests include information retrieval, information organization, text mining and nature language processing.
  • Guo Chen , associate professor at ischool of NJUST and his research interests include knowledge organization, text mining and nature language processing.


PhD students

  • Bowen Li, Methodology in information science.
  • Heng Zhang, Taxonomy generation, Software entity extraction.
  • Yi Zhao, Scholar profiling.
  • Haixu Xi, Knowledge entity extraction and evaluation.
  • Chen Yang, Novelty Measuring of Scientific Article.
  • Tong Bao, Knowledge Entity Extraction.
  • Wenqing Wu, TBD.
  • Xinyi Yan, Keyphrase Extraction and Generation.
  • Yi Xiang, TBD.

Master students

  • Jiaqi Zeng, 2022
  • Ziling Chen, 2022
  • Jingyu Zhang, 2022
  • Yi Mao, 2022
  • Yanqi Ren, 2022
  • Yang Yang, 2022
  • Xinlong Chu, 2021
  • Siqi Wei, 2021
  • Shuyu Peng, 2021
  • Zile Hu, 2021
  • Wenqi Yu, 2021
  • Yukai Yang, 2021
  • Haochuan Li, 2021



  • Yuzhuo Wang, PhD 2023, now: Assistant Professor at Anhui University.
    PhD Thesis: Academic Influence Evaluation of Algorithm Entity Based on the Full Text Features of Academic Papers.
  • Chenglei Qin, PhD 2023, now: Assistant Professor at Fuyang Normal University.
    PhD Thesis: Fine-grained Mining of Peer Review Comments of Academic Articles.
  • Yingyi Zhang, PhD 2022, now: Assistant Professor at Soochow University.
    PhD Thesis: Extracting the Relationship of “Problem-Method” in Academic Papers.
  • Shuitan Ma, PhD 2020, now: Data Scientist at Tencent Inc., China.
    PhD Thesis: Citation Recommendation Based on Citing Time Preference and Argumentative Zoning of User Query.
  • Chao Lu, PhD 2019, now: Assistant Professor at Hohai University.
    PhD Thesis: Identifying Content Features of Domain Emerging Topics and its Application.
  • Qingqing Zhou, PhD 2018, now: Associate Professor at Nanjing Normal University.
    PhD Thesis: Book Impact Assessment Based on Multi-source Heterogeneous Data.
  • Xiaolan Wu, PhD 2018, now: Associate Professor at Nanjing Normal University.
    PhD Thesis: Finding Interdisciplinary Users on Social Media and its Application.
  • Lei Li, PhD 2018, now: Assistant Professor at Beijing Normal University.
    PhD Thesis: Research on Answer Quality Judgement on Academic Social Q&A Sites.


  • Liang Tian, 2023, master thesis: Cross-lingual Classification and Usage Patterns Analysis of Research Methods of Academic Articles
  • Lei Zhao, 2023, master thesis: Using Text Structure and Automatic Summarization to Extract Keywords from Academic Papers
  • Yuntian Song, 2019
  • Yuxin Xie, MSc 2022, master thesis: Extraction of Fine-grained Method Entities in the Full-text Content of Academic Articles and Their Association and Evolution Analysis
  • Minghui Meng, MSc 2022, master thesis: Sentiment Analysis of Online Peer Reviews and Application
  • Ruping Wang, MSc 2021, master thesis: Methodological Sentences Recognition and Automatic Summarization Based upon Full-text of Academic Articles
  • Lifan Liu, MSc 2021, master thesis: Interdisciplinary Knowledge Flow based on Citation Content
  • Shaohu Hu, MSc 2021, master thesis: Text Keyword Extraction Based on Eye-tracking Data
  • Jin Xu, MSc 2020, master thesis: Automatic Identification of Cited Spans and Classification of Citation Type in Academic Articles.
  • Ruiyi Ding, MSc 2020, master thesis:Mention Behavior and Influence Analysis of Algorithm Based on Full-text Content of Academic Articles.
  • Tiantian Tong,MSc 2019, master thesis: Automatic Summarization of Book Review Based on Multi Source.
  • Xuehua Chi,Msc 2019, master thesis: Constructing Precise Profile of Scholars Automatically.
  • Qiangbing Wang,MSc 2018, master thesis:User Profile Construction and its Application Based on Online Social Network.
  • Shurui Xu,MSc 2018, master thesis:Interdisciplinary Topic Identification Based on Citation Relation and Citation Content.
  • Zijing Yue, MSc 2018, master thesis:Dietary Preferences Mining and its Application Based on User-generated Content.
  • Xiaoyong Zhang,MSc 2017, master thesis:Automatic Construction and Application of Concept Taxonomy Based on Multi-Source Heterogeneous Data.
  • Hua Zhao,MSc 2017, master thesis:Research on the Knowledge Organization Pattern based on Users in Social Network.
  • Jian Shao,MSc 2016,master thesis: Hashtag Generation and Its Application Based on Multilingual Microblog.
  • Xiaoxue Gu,MSc 2015, master thesis: Research on Multilingual Tags Clustering and Visualization.
  • Lijuan Tang,MSc 2013, master thesis: Multilingual Tags Clustering and Its Application.
  • Sha Liu,MSc 2012, master thesis: Building and Evaluating Special Domain Comparable Corpus.


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